[wdc_heading title=”Fast and reliable repair with SPR Communication.”]Established in 2015, SPR Communication Sdn Bhd was created to provide fast and affordable mobile phone repair services for everyone. Today, SPR backs up more than 300 dealers in Malaysia for all smartphone brands and successfully repaired more than 180,000 gadgets. So sit back and relax, leave it to us, we will get your device working like new![/wdc_heading]
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[wdc_icon_box style=”3″ icon_fontawesome=”far fa-clock” title=”Fast Repair” bg_color_hover=”#009cff”]Most repair can be done within an hour, while you wait.[/wdc_icon_box]
[wdc_icon_box style=”3″ icon_fontawesome=”fas fa-graduation-cap” title=”Certified Technician” bg_color_hover=”#3f51b5″]With more than 10 years experience, our service is reliable.[/wdc_icon_box]
[wdc_icon_box style=”3″ icon_fontawesome=”fas fa-hand-holding-usd” title=”Affordable service” bg_color_hover=”#673ab7″]We have ready stock for most phone spare-part making our repair services affordable.[/wdc_icon_box]
[wdc_icon_box style=”3″ icon_fontawesome=”far fa-thumbs-up” title=”Honest Service” bg_color_hover=”#ff5722″]We inspect your phone for FREE and only repair part that are damage.[/wdc_icon_box]
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[wdc_heading title=”Experienced Team”]All you need is the best technicians in the industry repairing your electronic devices![/wdc_heading][wdc_teams columns=”4″ number=”4″]