People are going crazy about the new iPhone 14 leaked and people are saying this is the craziest leak in all of Apple leak history. Why we think it’s the craziest leak, imagine Tim Cook prepping for the iPhone 13 reveal in a few days just to find out people are talking about the iPhone 14 instead and it’s trending on Twitter as of now. Without further ado, let’s get to it.

iPhone 14 leak design

Image source: Front Page Tech

iPhone 14 overall leaked design.

Notice that the design is almost similar to it’s predecessor iPhone 4 which we think it’s the best design iPhone if not phone. You can see that the iPhone 14 glass actually sits on top of the antenna bands just like the iPhone 4 design. Not only that, the volume button are round and the chassis that the surround the iPhone 14 is so clean and it is titanium. Yes, you read that right. It’s Titanium.

Like all people, you’re probably wondering about the bottom of the phone like the port. Is it still lightning? Is it USB type C finally or is there no port at all? Well according the report,  it’s still lightning.

iphone 14 back leaked design

Image source: Front Page Tech

The back of the iPhone 14.

let’s take a look at the back of the iPhone 14. Instead of having a big camera bump like previous iPhone we’ve seen for years. For one, the camera bump is mostly gone. But the body look thicker. But hey if it’s hide the camera bump and bigger battery. Why not? Also, we think they need to make it thicker, to make it thinner in the future. The glass on the back is semi-glossy again with the apple logo actually under the glass and it’s kind a awesome. As for the internals, so far there are no report we can confirm on the inside of the iPhone 14.

iphone 14 colors leak

Image source: Front Page Tech

Choice of color of the iPhone 14.

The colors are not finalized yet. It is still too early that the details like that are not yet set in stone. But wouldn’t it be amazing if they can have it in turquoise color. But Apple would probably not do that.

iphone 14 front leak

Image source: Front Page Tech

The front of the iPhone 14.

Let’s take a look at the front of the phone. Finally the notch is gone, this actually matches a report from kuo ming qi that said some 2022 iPhone will have a hole punch instead of a notch. It’s safe to assume that the face ID array still exist in iPhone 14 models but maybe under the display this time. But all said, this is still very early leak. Some dimensions may change and colors may change but we believe that the overall design will remain. If you really want to see the leak iPhone 14, you can view it in AR version at frontpagetech page right now. Go check it out!

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