Starlink recently ready to accept deposit for Malaysia? If you guys have ever dream of being able to access the internet, no matter where you are? It might become a reality sooner than you might think. Starting with just an idea, who would have thought the idea succeeded in becoming a reality when the United States and Canada managed to be the first country to receive Starlink internet in public beta last October 2020.

What is starlink?

What is Starlink?

According to Elon Musk, once it becomes fully operational, Starlink will be able to offer internet access from virtually anywhere on the planet. The goal is to launch thousands of small satellites into low Earth orbit so it will be able to transmit fast internet signals down to Earth.

starlink malaysia price

Is Starlink internet available in Malaysia & how much it cost?

They’re ready to accept deposits as low as $ 99 (~ RM401) to get the Starlink Kit. But, the full price of the Starlink Kit in the United States is offered at around $ 499 (~ RM 2,022) excluding taxes and postage. However, users may have to wait until 2022 before this service can be used.

Starlink internet speed

How fast is  Starlink Malaysia internet speeds?

Starlink currently promises internet speeds of around 50Mbps to 150Mbps. In the meantime, the company is ready to further increase the internet speed to 300Mbps in the future.

starlink malaysia sign up

Should I sign up for Starlink services?

Well as of now, it isn’t clear if Starlink has received approval to operate as an internet provider in Malaysia. Starlink would need to have a Network Facility or Service Provider license (NFP/NSP) from the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission to provide a commercial broadband service. Besides, It doesn’t work with the phone, it is designed to offer fixed internet services to a home or business. Maybe if the price offered by Starlink is attractive and it works for mobile user, we believe many Malaysian will be eager to sign up for it.

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