Did you know that your iPhone or iPad has a few hidden tips and tricks? One of it is that it can scan a document without having to download an App like CamScanner? So next time, if you are planning to scan any work to your boss, teachers or family.  You can simply use the Notes app and the best part is you can add notes to the scanned document. Simply go to ‘Notes’ then ‘create new notes’. Click ‘camera icon’ when the pop up appear, choose ‘scan documents’.

iPhone tips to scan documents.


iPhone tips to scan documents

iPhone tips to automatically stop playing music.

Many of us love to listen to music before sleep. But we all hate when we had to turn off the phone just when we are about to fall into sleep. With this tips, you can set a timer to automatically stop playing music while you fall asleep. The feature can be found in the Clock app under ‘Timer‘. Simply set a timer, press on ‘When Timer Ends’, scroll to the bottom of the options, and select ‘Stop Playing’. Now you can listen to music at the same time enjoy your good night sleep.

iPhone tips to stop music automatically

iPhone tips to measure object.

Well this isn’t new. But most people don’t really use this feature that Apple has to offer. You can actually measure things in real life using your iPhone. The Measure app uses augmented reality to act as a tape measure or ruler to measure objects. Once you open the app, it will ask you to move your phone around the object so it can analyze the area. Line the white dot up with a corner on the item you want to measure. Press the white button with the sign in the middle of it and trace the edge of the line you want to measure.

iPhone tips measure object

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